COVID-19: How To Create Your Own Unattended Property Inventory Report

With COVID-19 pandemic in full swing, and purse strings being tightened we all need a little help, guidance and support, and as much as we would like to serve as many customers as possible in all locations, this honestly isn’t possible, so we have shared this video by Paul Shamplina, the founder of Landlord Action explains what landlords need to know about drawing up a property inventory and the ins and outs of an inspection.

This video series is a guide to what landlords need to include in their inventories to meet the requirements set by the tenant deposit schemes. We also think it’s a nice introduction for landlords to learn what service we provide and the effort and consideration we ensure to maintain when creating our reports, justifying our costs and time incurred conducting the onsite inspection, commuting and post inspection transcription.

For further reading and step-by-step guide go to the following link:


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