About Us

Property Inventory Clerk Services

One of the keys to providing an effective inventory clerk service is our careful selection of the best team members. 

Our team is made of individuals from different backgrounds but bound by a single passion for property.

Who Are We

We are equally ambitious, clear-headed, providing a strong blend of the two to provide the best services for our clients.

Our Mission

Our passion mission is to meet all our client’s needs and exceed their expectations.

Our Beliefs

We believe in innovative ideas, professional development and continuous business improvements, using novel and traditional methods.

Our History

Our property inventory clerk services were founded in 2012, formally known as pro-inventory a trading name of shuffle innovations limited, our property services evolved and growth was organic based on customer satisfaction, during this time we discovered the best solution for our inventory department was to partner rather than compete.

With our values focused on customer satisfaction this method of business has served us and our customers well.

We have a large customer base in south east of london and as of 2016 our head office was strategically relocated to Folkestone in Kent to offer a full property management service throughout Kent and the south east of London.  

Our Report Process

1.Key Management

Our clerks will collect the keys from your local letting agent, key nest or tenant as required to conduct the property inspection and will return them to the agent or release them to the incoming tenants at the end of our inspection.

2. Visual Inspection

We will inspect each room methodically ensuring every item is thoroughly inspected, which includes infrastructure and furnishings.

3. Digital Evidence

We take unlimited high definition photographs and video recordings of maintenance issues to ensure all details are captured and effectively communicated.

4. Itemisation

Our inventory reports are itemised in a listed format, providing a detailed description of each item and when coupled with a condition of check-in report, the condition of each item will be included.  

5. Transcription

Once the visual onsite inspection has been conducted by our inventory clerk, our report is then processed by our back office transcription team.

6. Deliver Report

All reports will be delivered to an email account of your choosing which will include a private URL to your report enabling you and your tenants to add their own comments, upload supporting evidence, print or download a pdf copy .

Why Choose Us?

We can grant clients and tenants access to view reports online instantly the moment they’re marked complete, reports can be automatically or manually shared via a private URL, with options to print or save as PDF.

Reports are automatically generated and numbered, with photos referenced and optional notes, disclaimers, declaration and terms appended.

Providing landlords and tenants with the ability to add their own comments and supporting evidence to manage potential disputes.

We can capture agent, landlord or tenant signatures on the app right at the property, or remotely via the Interactive Web Report, using touch, mouse or Stylus pen.

Save PDF reports inclusive with digital signatures and comments.

Eliminating the need to print paper-based reports for good.

We store inventory details on the first visit, track revisions over time and compare and overwrite original reports in the field quickly and easily.

We can store all report history throughout every tenancy lifecycle, reducing the potential for lost tenancy deposit claims.

We can reduce property maintenance concerns by identifying and flagging up issues in-the-field, monitor fair wear and tear, and keep an eye on the health of all your managed properties.

We can personalise our reports with your own logo and contact information. As your white label partner we do not wear branded clothing and contact your customers on your behalf, essentially providing you with your very own inventory clerk service.

We have been providing inventory clerk services for over 7 years and during this time we have gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience enabling us to streamline our service,  providing a faster turnaround time for our customers.

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